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CVF supports SB 523/McGuire, to require counties to contact voters with missing vote-by-mail envelope signatures and ask them to submit a signature so their ballots are counted and not rejected. CVF also supports SB 72/Umberg to ensure Californians can register or update their party preference at their polling place on Election Day. 


CVF in the News

KCRA News reported on April 25 on how California is ramping up for the March 2020 Presidential Primary, featuring comments from CVF President Kim Alexander that much outreach needs to be done to prepare voters for new voting models in some counties and a historically-confusing closed Presidential Primary process. 

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Kudos to Governor Gavin Newsom for adding $87.3 million to his May Revise state budget to help counties purchase more secure voting equipment before the March 2020 election. See the details online in the updated 2019-20 budget, pp 90-91

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