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Now more than ever, voters need an election process they can trust. Support the Work

For 25 years, The California Voter Foundation has worked to help voters make informed choices and vote with confidence. 

From innovating the Internet as a tool for nonpartisan voter education, to shedding “digital sunlight” through electronic filing and online disclosure of campaign donations, to securing the vote by requiring paper ballots and post-election audits, CVF operates at the place where democracy and technology intersect, improving the voting process to better serve voters. 

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In honor of CVF’s 25th anniversary, we put together this 5-minute video highlighting CVF’s achievements!

Looking ahead, CVF and our web site,, will be there for voters in 2020 to help them sort out their voting choices and answer their questions about the voting process.

We are working to improve voter turnout and keep voters from being disenfranchised due to vote-by-mail ballot rejection. 

And CVF is monitoring election security and helping to develop new regulations for risk-limiting audits.

A lot has changed in the last 25 years.  

One thing has remained constant: The California Voter Foundation’s commitment to serving voters, and shaping an informed electorate and voting process that people can trust. 

Please support the work and help us keep helping voters. 

 - The California Voter Foundation Board of Directors

(Pictured L-R) Mindy Romero, David Jefferson, Susan King Roth, Jack Lerner, Kim Alexander, Cathy Darling Allen, and Steve Levine,
along with Geoffrey Wandesforde-Smith and Joseph Lorenzo Hall


The California Voter Foundation is a non-partisan, non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization, all contributions are tax-deductible, Tax ID #68-0190132.