Resources for Supporting Election Officials

The California Voter Foundation is collecting and sharing resources to help election officials, their staff, and those who support election administration address threats and risk to safety and the underlying problems that contribute to these threats, including insufficient resources, mis- and disinformation and inadequate legal and law enforcement protections. More resources can also be found in the bibliography excerpted from the California Voter Foundation's report, Documenting and Addressing Harassment of Election Officials.

  • The Election Denier Landscape - state-by-state roundup published September 2023 on which key statewide positions are held by people who questioned the legitimacy of the 2020 election results, published by Statued United Democracy Center.
  • Election Ethics Legislation Election Reformers Network.
  • Election Integrity Partnership, a project of the Standford Internet Observatory Cyber Policy Center and Center for an Informed Public, University of Washington.