Voting the California Way


Are you here to vote?” Arianna asked two men and a woman approaching the basement entrance to the Hollywood Hotel’s ballroom in Los Angeles. “Just go in and make a right. Tell them if you’re dropping off your ballot so you don’t have to wait.” In less than 15 minutes, the three voters strode back out of the doorway and up the steps to the street, “I Voted” stickers on display. 

Election 2020: In-person voting locations open Saturday. Here's what you need to know


Starting Saturday, people can vote in person at 48 locations in Ventura County.

Because of the pandemic, special rules allowed counties to have fewer places for voters to cast their ballots in person. But they also had to be open four days instead of just one.

"If they're planning to vote in person, please, please, please take advantage of the Oct. 31, Nov. 1 and Nov. 2 dates," said Miranda Nobriga, spokeswoman for the county elections division. "Do not wait until Election Day."

How Many SoCal Voters Will Turn Out In 2020?


In Los Angeles, election officials have already received 2.1 million ballots. In Orange County, the figure is nearing 750,000. And across the United States, more than 80 million ballots have been cast. 

Do the sky-high early voting numbers mean we'll see record turnout in 2020?

They're certainly a good sign, experts say. But thanks to California's voter-friendly laws, it takes weeks to tally every ballot, and that means we may not know the precise turnout figures until after Thanksgiving.

What To Know Before Voting In-Person In California


Millions of Californians have already cast their ballot by mail, but millions more are expected to show up to the polls for early voting this weekend and on Election Day.

They’ll do this amid concerns about voter intimidation, social unrest and a statewide spike in coronavirus cases.

To answer questions about how to vote this year, including how to stay safe while voting in-person and what you can and can’t do at the polls, PolitiFact California spoke with election officials and experts. 

Last-minute tips for California voters

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We are in the final stretch of the election! This edition of CVF-News features last-minute tips and resources to help California voters cast ballots with confidence. Follow CVF on Twitter at @calvotervdn and on Facebook for ongoing news and information.

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Last-Minute Tips for California Voters

Contact your county election office to find answers for most of your voting questions.

More than one-third of Calif. voters have returned their ballots


More than a third of California voters have returned their ballots with less than a week before the election deadline. 

The latest numbers from Political Data Inc show 36% of California ballots have been returned as of Tuesday. 

“It’s going to really help process those ballots more rapidly and get us to final election results sooner than later,” Kim Alexander with the California Voting Foundation said.