How to Correct a Mistake on Your Ballot for the 2024 California Primary Election


2024 is another big election year — and before the general election in November that’ll decide the next president of the United States, California has our Presidential Primary Election.

If you’re a registered California voter, your ballot is either on its way or has already arrived in your mailbox. But what if you make a mistake on your ballot as you’re filling it out? Or you’re just not sure how to fill it out in the first place?

How Do I Vote in California's Presidential Primary Election as a 'No Party Preference' Voter?


The 2024 general election in November will decide who will be the President of the United States for the next four years. But way before that, California voters have another big election on March 5: Our state’s presidential primary. 

‘The good news is that nobody has to vote with the ballot that they get in the mail if they don’t want to.’ Kim Alexander, president of the nonpartisan California Voter Foundation

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CVF in The News

LA County Moves To Provide Voters More Information On Political Candidates


The L.A. County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday approved a proposal to publish candidate statements online in addition to inside printed sample ballots, a move that will dramatically reduce candidates’ cost of getting their statements in front of voters.

Right now, many candidates do not buy space in sample ballots because they say it's cost prohibitive.

Shasta County election results including big wins for fire district, Gateway school board


Tuesday’s special election filled a seat on the Gateway Unified School District board and created a fire protection district in the historic community of Shasta.

While the eyes of election observers were on Shasta County, voter turnout was extremely low.

With all precincts reporting and a portion of mail-in ballots counted, county election officials reported less than 20% of the people eligible to vote cast a ballot.

Elections Day Update: California Secretary of State Monitors Are On The Ground In Shasta County As Polls Open For Elections


By 8:15 a.m., poll workers at the Larry J. Farr Community Center in Shasta Lake said they’d had only four voters show up at their voting site, which includes two precincts. That’s not too surprising because today’s ballot for this area of the county affects only a small subset of the community. 

Registered voters in what is known as Area 2 of the Gateway Unified School District Board will decide whether to elect Casey Bowden or Camille King to fill the District Board’s vacant, and hotly contested, fifth seat.

Pro-democracy groups plan to monitor Shasta County election


Election Hero Day and tomorrow, "good government" groups will be monitoring the local election in rural Shasta County, to support election workers there and make sure the laws are followed.

Recently, members of the Board of Supervisors said they wanted a hand count on election night, even though state law requires the first count to be done using optical scanners.