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Download Acrobat Reader

All maps are in Adobe PDF format. To view the maps you must install Adobe Acrobat Reader (available for Mac, PC, Linux, and other operating systems). Visit the Adobe web site to download the free Acrobat Reader software.

About the California Map Series

The California Voter Foundation's California Map Series features maps of the state's political districts, regions and counties and was created to give the public a better understanding of the political districts and jurisdictions where we live and vote. The political district maps are designed to provide a clear picture of each district's boundaries and general location.

CVF wishes to thank Bob Sockloskie for providing mapmaking assistance and The James Irvine Foundation for providing grant support to make the California Map Series possible.

Statewide Maps

Each Statewide Map PDF file contains four maps that show the district lines and county boundaries across the state. Use Acrobat to page back and forth through maps of Northern California, the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Southern California.

District Maps

The political district maps were generated using mapmaking software. They are not perfect, but they do provide a general representation of the landmarks and areas covered in each political district. CVF's political district maps were rendered using the redistricting data available from the UC Berkeley Institute for Governmental Studies' Statewide Database web site.

Maps identify cities and places both inside and outside the districts. Assembly districts are in green, Senate maps are pink and congressional maps are gold. Darker versions of these colors are used to show the district's boundary. The area outside the district is shown in light yellow. Highway lines are in red. The dark gray county boundaries are the most prominent lines on the maps, and often converge with the district's boundary line. Boundaries of districts that border water typically do not show the district boundary line.

Maps feature county names and boundaries and many cities, places, airports, national parks, freeways, schools and shopping centers; details vary due to variations in scale size. Features are also occasionally limited due to an effort to avoid cluttering and overlaying the information featured on the map. While these maps are not perfect, they do provide a useful representation of each California political district.

Where cities are identified, the dot, and not the name of the city tells where it is located. The dot appears at the center of the city; sometimes a portion of a city is included inside a district but the name itself may appear outside the district; check the Legislature's maps for more specific maps and details. The tables below features links to the Legislature's page on each district, where maps in many sizes are available as well as statistics about the cities included in each district and its racial and partisan composition.

Additional Resources

How to Locate Your Districts

The Statewide Political Maps give a bird's-eye view of California's political districts to help people locate districts in particular regions of the state. Alternatively, voters can find their political districts listed inside the official sample ballots mailed prior to each election, or they can use the Find Your Representative feature on Project Vote Smart's web site to determine their specific districts by zip-code. County Election Offices can also provide this information. The California State Senate's web site also offers a look-up feature using exact street address, city and zip code data to find your Assembly Member or State Senator - follow this link and click on the top left of the page follow the link that says "Your Senator".

Maps from the State Legislature

The California State Legislature has also produced a set of maps based on the 2001 redistricting. State Assembly district and Board of Equalization maps are available on the Assembly web site, and State Senate district and Congressional district maps are available on the Senate web site. The Senate site also includes a set of zip code/district directories that show the various Assembly, Senate and Congressional districts included in each California zip code.

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