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10th Edition, March 2004 Primary Election

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Proposition 55: Kindergarten-University Public Education Facilities Bond Act of 2004. Passed

Official Summary

This twelve billion three hundred million dollar ($12,300,000,000) bond issue will provide funding for necessary education facilities to relieve overcrowding and to repair older schools. Funds will be targeted to areas of the greatest need and must be spent according to strict accountability measures. Funds will also be used to upgrade and build new classrooms in the California Community Colleges, the California State University, and the University of California, to provide adequate higher education facilities to accommodate the growing student enrollment. These bonds may be used only for eligible projects. Fiscal Impact: State costs of about $24.7 billion to pay off both the principal ($12.3 billion) and interest ($12.4 billion) costs on the bonds. Payments of about $823 million per year.

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Who Signed the Ballot Arguments

Yes on Proposition 55:

No on Proposition 55:

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The California Secretary of State publishes the Official Voter Information Guide with both a Quick Summary and Detailed Information about Proposition 55. The Secretary of State can also tell you who is raising and spending money on Prop 55 through Cal-Access, its campaign finance website.

Other good nonpartisan resources include the League of Women Voters' Pro/Con Analysis and In-Depth Analysis of Proposition 55, and the Easy Reading Voter Guide.

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