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November 2012 General Election
22nd edition

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About the Propositions

This ballot includes 11 statewide measures, also called propositions. Propositions are assigned numbers by the Secretary of State, and require a simple majority to pass. Many voters skip some propositions when they are uncertain how to vote. Your ballot will be valid even if you choose to skip some contests.

The first ten measures are initiatives placed on the ballot by petition of the voters. Vote yes if you support the proposed law change, and no if you oppose it. The last measure, Proposition 40, is a referendum placed on the ballot by petitiion of the voters to challenge an existing law. Unlike initiatives, voters vote yes on a referendum to retain the law being challenged, and no to repeal it.

Click on the links below for more information on each proposition, including the official summary, campaign contact information and links to campaign web sites, who signed the ballot pamphlet arguments, media coverage and lists of campaign donors.

  • Prop. 30 - Temporary taxes to fund education. Guaranteed local public safety funding.

  • Prop. 31 - State budget. State and local government.

  • Prop. 32 - Political contributions by payroll deduction. Contributions to candidates.

  • Prop. 33 - Auto insurance companies. Prices based on driver's history of insurance coverage.

  • Prop. 34 - Death penalty.

  • Prop. 35 - Human trafficking. Penalties.

  • Prop. 36 - Three strikes law. Repeat felony offenders. Penalties.

  • Prop. 37 - Genetically engineered foods. Labeling.

  • Prop. 38 - Tax to fund education and early childhood programs.

  • Prop. 39 - Tax treatment for multistate businesses. Clean energy and energy efficiency funding.

  • Prop. 40 - Redistricting. State Senate districts.





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