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November 2010 General Election
20th edition

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Election Preview Guide

In Fall 2010 CVF will debut its nonpartisan voter guide for the November 2 statewide election. In the meantime, below is an election preview, providing links to key resources to help the public learn more about the candidates and measures on the ballot.

Published by the Secretary of State, features nonpartisan ballot measure analyses.

Published by the California Secretary of State, provides important dates and deadlines campaigns and candidates participating in the 2010 election season, along with state and local election officials must meet under state law.

Identifies all state candidates that filed statements of intention to run for office and whether they agree to abide by the state's voluntary campaign spending limit (candidates who do so are allowed to place statements in the ballot pamphlet).

This resource from the Secetary of State's web site provides a summary of measures qualified for the November 2010 ballot and the text of each measure. Nine propositions will appear on the next ballot:

The Cal-Access campaign disclosure site features state candidate campaign finance reports and also a listing of official 2010 ballot measure campaign committees that have been formed to support or oppose propositions on the ballot.

The official Statements of Vote provide historical voter turnout and participation statistics in California; the Reports of Registration provide historical data about California voter registration.

CVF's California Maps Series provides PDF images of all California legislative and congressional districts along with maps of all 58 California counties.



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