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2008 General Election Preview

The California Voter Foundation's nonpartisan California Online Voter Guide will be published this Fall to help voters prepare for the November 4, 2008 presidential election. In the meantime, this Election Preview provides links to key resources about the election.


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The Fall ballot will feature candidates who won their parties' primary contests; winners are designated in the Secretary of State's certified election results from the June 3 primary. The official, Certified List of Candidates, published by the California Secretary of State, lists Presidential, congressional and legislative candidates appearing on California ballots, along with their party affiliations, job titles and contact information. Visit CVF's Follow the Money feature for campaign finance data links.

Information on local candidates in many California counties is available from the League of Women Voters' Smart Voter web site.

Ballot Measures:

Twelve measures have qualified for the statewide ballot. The official state Voter Information Guide features summaries, pro/con arguments, supporters and opponents, independent analysis by the state's Legislative Analyst, and the full text of each measure. The Secretary of State's Cal-Access web site features campaign contribution information for state propositions.

The twelve measures are:

Prop. 1 - $10 billion high-speed rail bond act *
Prop. 2 - treatment of farm animals
Prop. 3 - $1 billion children's hospitals bond act
Prop. 4 - minors' abortion rights/parental notification
Prop. 5 - decreases sentencing for nonviolent drug offenders
Prop. 6 - increases penalties for gang and drug crimes
Prop. 7 - requires 20% of utilities' power to come from renewable resources by 2010
Prop. 8 - bans gay marriage
Prop. 9 - requires informing and involving victims in parole decisions
Prop. 10 - $5 billion bond to subsidize alternative vehicle purchases & research
Prop. 11 - transfers the power to draw legislative districts from the legislature to an independent commission
Prop. 12 - $900 million veterans' bond act

* Note: Prop. 1 has been removed from the ballot; in its place the legislature has put Prop. 1A on the ballot which also would fund a high speed rail bond act. More information about Prop. 1A will be available after publication of a suppllemental Voter Information Guide.

Information on local ballot measures in many California counties is available from the League of Women Voters' Smart Voter web site.

The last day to register to vote in the November 4 election is October 20.

For more information about voting in California, visit CVF's Voting FAQ,

the Secretary of State's web site, or

contact your county election office.


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