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Proposition 6 - Police and Law Enforcement Funding. Criminal Penalties and Laws. Failed

Initiative Statute


What a Yes or No Vote Means

YES: A “YES” vote on this measure means: The state would be required to increase spending for specified state and local criminal justice programs to at least $965 million in 2009–10, an increase of $365 million, growing in future years. Sentences also would be increased for certain crimes—such as crimes related to gangs, methamphetamine sales, and vehicle theft—resulting in more offenders being sent to state prison and for longer periods of time. The measure would make various other criminal justice changes related to such things as parole agent caseloads and use of hearsay evidence.

NO: A “NO” vote on this measure means: The state Legislature and Governor would continue to have their current authority over the state funding levels provided for specified criminal justice programs. Criminal penalties would not be increased. Parole caseloads and use of hearsay evidence would remain unchanged.

Full Text of Proposition 6 - (PDF)

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Follow the Money

Proposition 6
Campaign Finances through October 18, 2008




Total Raised



Top Donors





Dr. Henry T. Nicholas III,
Businessman, NS Holdings LLC
[Aliso Viejo, CA]


California Teachers Association Issues PAC
[Burlingame, CA]


Larry Rasmussen, President, Spirit Holdings, Inc.
[Santa Clarita, CA]


California State Council of Service Employees Issues PAC 
[Sacramento, CA]


George Runner,
State Senator
[SD17 – Lancaster, CA]

Crime Victims United of California
[Sacramento, CA]



Democratic State Central Committee of California
(Sacramento, CA]


Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs PAC
[Los Angeles, CA],

Committee to Elect Gary C. Ovitt – Supervisor
 [Rancho Santa Margarita, CA],




California Federation of Teachers COPE/Prop Ballot Committee
[Burbank, CA],


Ella Baker Center for Human Rights
[Oakland, CA]


Note: The committee opposing Prop. 6 is also opposing prop. 9

Detailed information about all contributors for and against Proposition 6 is available from campaign finance reports at Cal-Access, the Secretary of State's campaign disclosure web site. To view the most recent contributions, select a committee and click "Late and $5000+ Contributions Received".



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