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In the spirit of all that campaign word-twisting...

Excerpt of column by Patt Morrison in the LA Times, March 4, 2002

Too late for the Grammy awards but just in time for Tuesday's primary comes the new, remixed, remastered, re-lyricized "Election Song" from the world's only folk-bluegrass voter organization, the California Voter Foundation.

The cut is only 86 seconds long and not remotely a dance tune, unless you count clog dancing, but it packs in a lot about yet more new twists in the ballot:

"Oh, we're having an election
March 5th is the day
It's for all the people in

Lots of things are different
Many rules have changed
So if you feel a little lost
Don't think that you're to blame

This song will get you started
The rest is up to you
Democracy's a lot of work
Best left to not too few.

This election's a primary
the parties nominate
the one they think will do the best
of all their candidates

The districts were renumbered
the lines just got redrawn
your current reps may be elsewhere
when this election's done

There are lots of statewide contests
Their number totals eight
plus state and local measures
so please don't hesitate

Get out your ballot pamphlets
and gather all your friends
Cuz out here in our Golden State
the ballot never ends

If you want more information
Just log yourself online
There's so much more at calvoter-dot-org
We're o-pen all the time!"

Thank you, thank you -- no autographs, please.

Copyright Los Angeles Times

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