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For Immediate Release - Friday, June 3, 2016
Contact: Kim Alexander,, 916-441-2494

Top Ten Online Resources for CA Voters

Voters looking for last-minute information will find a bounty of great resources online. Here is a rundown of some of the best for the June 7 election:

1. California Online Voter Guide - CVF's guide, first publisheCOVGd online in 1994 and now in its 25th edition, provides voters with an overview of all state and federal candidates on the ballot, along with their web site addresses and contact information, and CVF's Ten Things to Know About California's Primary tip sheet.

2. Voters Edge - Voter's EdgeProduced by Maplight and the League of Women Voters of California, this online guide provides comprehensive statewide ballot information, including local contests for most California counties. Simply type in your address and a personalized list of the candidates and contests on your ballot is displayed. Very easy to use and provides a wealth of "follow the money" information. The site also allows users to browse its content by county or zip code.
Offical Voter Guide

3. Official California Voter Information Guide - Produced by the Secretary of State, this guide is mailed out to every registered voter's household. It includes statements from U.S. Senate candidates, the Voter's Bill of Rights, and information on Proposition 50. The online version also features Presidential candidates' statements. It's available in multiple languages with a newly improved layout and design to make this publication easier to read and more user-friendly.

4. Easy Voter Guide - Produced by the California State Library and the League of Easy Voter GuideWomen Voters of California, this is a great resource for those who are looking for short and sweet explanations of how we elect the President and Proposition 50. It's available both in print and online, in multiple languages, and designed to be read at the 8th grade level.

5. County Election Offices - Your county election office isElection Offices the best place to go to find answers to your specific voting questions. CVF's roster provides the name, web site street address, phone and email addresses for all 58 county election offices as well as direct links to online lookup tools (where available) that help voters verify their registration status, mail ballot status, and locate polling places. Many counties also offer online versions of the printed guides mailed to voters so if you can't find your paper copy, Polling Place look online.

6. Find your polling place - The Secretary of State and California's 58 counties have worked together with the Voting Information Project to create a statewide online lookup tool all Californians can use to look up their polling place. The tool also lists contests and candidates appearing statewide on the ballot.


7. Google's Candidate Statements Search - if you want to see what a Presidential candidate has said on the record on a particular issue, simply type that candidate's name and the issue into the Google search tool - it will return quotes from that candidate as well as help you access quotes from the other candidates on the same topic. Voter Tips

8. Voter Tips from the Secretary of State - Study up on these key tips from Secretary of State Alex Padilla to find answers to your last-minute voting questions, including a county-by-county list of early voting and ballot drop off locations and information about your right to take time off from work to vote.Vote by Mail

9. How To Vote By Mail - Voting by mail is popular but many voters make mistakes, resulting in their ballots getting rejected. If you received a mail ballot, review this tip sheet from the Future of California Elections before mailing it or returning it in person to be sure you've done it right and that your ballot will be counted.



CA Counts

10. California Counts - Four California public radio stations have teamed up to provide comprehensive statewide coverage of this year's elections. Take a look through this site to find news stories on ballot issues and the voting process.

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