Last-Minute Registration and Voting Tips For This Unprecedented Election

By Alice Woelfle,
November 3, 2020

Judge Upholds 'Abuse of Power' Lawsuit Against Governor Newsom

A judge in Sutter County has handed a victory to two Republican state lawmakers who filed an “abuse of power” lawsuit against Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom. The judge struck down an executive order the governor issued in June which set up new requirements for the 2020 election.
Guest: Assemblyman James Gallagher (R-Yuba City)

California Businesses Brace for Potentially Violent Protests

Californians have already voted in record numbers. There is excitement, but there’s also tension in cities and towns around the state. Many businesses are boarding up their windows and bracing for potentially violent protests.
Reporter: Caleigh Wells, KCRW

Oakland Law Enforcement on Standby for Election Night Unrest

Law enforcement agencies across the state are also preparing for potentially violent protests as a result of today’s election. In Oakland,  Mayor Libby Schaaf says the city’s emergency operations center will be up and running.

Last-Minute Registration and Voting Tips For This Unprecedented Election

It’s finally Election Day and the California Voter Foundation has some last-minute voting advice. Even if you haven’t registered, you can still vote today, and more than 10 million Californians already have.
Guest: Kim Alexander, President, California Voter Foundation (Full Audio)