Republican Party

As our nation is on the brink of a new millennium, the Republican Party is dedicated to the improvement of our society by focusing on issues that demand immediate attention, including:

* ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION--We must stop the enormous burden illegal
immigration puts on California's economy, schools, and hospitals.

* CRIME--Violent felons should be in jail, not on the street. In a lawful
society victims deserve rights as well as criminals.

* ECONOMY--We believe in the free-enterprise system. Excessive
regulations and high taxes kill businesses and drive the survivors out of California.

* FOREIGN POLICY--America must be prepared to defend freedom,
yet we must not become embroiled unnecessarily in other nations'
internal affairs.

strive to cut wasteful government spending. We believe that people can
best choose how to use their own money, rather than having the
government taxing them, then dictating how their money will be spent.

* EQUAL OPPORTUNITY--The Republican Party is dedicated to
equality and fairness for all Americans, regardless of race, age, or gender.

The California Republican Party believes that the solutions to California's problems lie in the greatness of the people of California.


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