Libertarian Party

Whatever the problem, the Republican/Democrat "solutions" usually make things worse. They pass more laws (1,500 new ones in California!) but where is the improvement in your neighborhood? Your school? Your savings account?

The Libertarian Party has clear, principled, and practical solutions to today's problems, but they are often overlooked because they involve using LESS government, instead of spending MORE taxpayer money.

Libertarians want more personal responsibility and control, and less time-consuming government-mandated paperwork and its restraints. We stand
for lean, limited government whose main responsibility ought to be protecting
our lives and property from criminals and trespassers--and to leave peaceful citizens alone!

We support the right of individuals to defend themselves and live in complete freedom, provided they do not violate the life, liberty, or property of others.

Since we favor financial responsibility, Libertarians question ALL government spending and borrowing. Thus, we oppose all taxes and public debt, like the
bond propositions that appear every election. We seek free market solutions.

Please phone our toll-free inquiry lines, national (800) 682-1776 or state (800) 637-1776, for free information on our common sense approaches to health care, crime, education, poverty, the economy, and political corruption.


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