Green Party

Social Justice

* Non Violence

* Decentralization

* Community-based Economics

* Personal & Global Responsibility

* Ecological Wisdom

* Respect for Diversity

Sustainable Future Focus

* Post Patriarchal Values

* Grassroots Democracy

These are the ten key values of the GPCA, which is part of a global network of Green Parties existing in 73 countries and across the U.S.

We're a new party which has arisen in response to the need for a new political vision. We recognize that all life is interconnected, and dependent upon the natural systems of our world. Politics must reflect this reality, and political structures and processes must be based upon this concept if humanity is to survive.

We stand for policy development in the following areas:

* Social justice based on honoring diversity, self-determination and self-definition of all people

* Ecological stewardship of the Earth through personal responsibility and the teaching and practicing of sustainable methods of living

* Government reform to implement a multiparty, proportional representation system and serious campaign reform

* Development of a new political culture of participation with the goal of direct democracy

* Community-based economics to bring vitality to regional areas by decentralizing ownership and control of the economy

CALL: voice mail (916) 448-3437
WRITE: GPCA, 1008 - 10th St., Box #482, Sacramento, CA 95814


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