Democratic Party

Republicans have controlled the Governor's office for 12 years. Pete Wilson has been in office for 28 years.

Yet, Wilson and the Republicans are blaming everyone but themselves for California's problems. California can not afford four more years of decline.

It is time for change! And Republican Michael Huffington, moving from Texas to run for Senate in California, is not the kind of change Democrats are advocating.

We can make California a great state again, but only with new leadership.

Democrats are committed to:

* bringing businesses back to California and expanding job opportunities;

* making our educational system the best in the country once again;

* making our neighborhoods free from violence, crime and drugs;

* making sure our borders are protected (unlike the Republicans who did
nothing for 12 years);

* making sure the air we breathe and the water we drink are as clean as

Our Democratic candidates--led by Kathleen Brown for Governor and Dianne Feinstein for U.S. Senate--deserve your support. With their leadership, we will get to work rebuilding the California dream.

Thank you for voting the straight Democratic ticket. Contributions are needed--please make payable to the California Democratic Party, 911--20th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814 (not tax deductible).


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