Save Worker Rights

JAN TUCKER For State Treasurer
Peace & Freedom Party

--Armenian American Citizens League
--San Fernando Valley Green Party

Tucker for Treasurer
"Politics as Unusual"
10153 1/2 Riverside Dr 374
Toluca Lake CA 91602-2533
(818) 830-2824
ID# 932090

Since NAFTA was signed, Mexican workers have been fired by American
companies operating in Mexico for organizing unions. General Electric
fired nine workers at its Compania Armadora plant in Juarez, and has
fired every single member of a delegation that recently visited American
union locals in a solidarity campaign tour.

The University of California is the 7th largest investor in General
Electric with 7,408,289 shares of stock, while CAL PERS, the Public
Employee Retirement System is number 20 with nearly 4.8 million shares
and STRS, California's State Teacher Retirement System comes in 26th with
just under 4.25 million shares of G.E. stock.

California should not be a party to that campaign of union busting.

Jan Tucker will do something about corporate crime by refusing to invest
state money in companies that violate workers rights or destroy the
environment. As Treasurer, Tucker will demand that State Pension funds
vote their stock against anti-social policies of companies like G.E., or
else divest their shares of stock in those companies. Tucker for
Treasurer, Politics as Unusual!


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