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J.B. Tucker & Associates
10153 1/2 Riverside Drive 374
Toluca Lake CA 91602
(818) 830-2794 (818) 830-2824 (Fax)


B.A. cum laude, 1977, (double major) Political Science and Chicano
(Mexican American) Studies, California State University at Northridge; 22
units Graduate studies, in M.A. Special Major program with 4.0 GPA, 1978,
California State University at Northridge.


Nominated by California Peace and Freedom Partyfor State Assembly (1976),
State Senator (1974 and 1992), U.S. House of Representatives (in 1980,
caused defeat of incumbent Rep. James C. Corman, and in 1990), and
California Lieutenant Governor (1978). Defeated for Peace and Freedom
Party nomination for Governor, 1982, by 700 votes. (Currently running
for California State Treasurer (1994).


Member of the National Organization for Women (since 1979) (NOW)
California Association of Licensed Investigators (CALI)
National Rifle Association (NRA)
American Correctional Association (ACA)
Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association (GLAZA)
Southwest Museum
Cabrillo Marine Museum


Public Relations Director, SFV/NELA Chapter, NOW
Los Angeles County Central Committee, Peace & Freedom Party
State Central Committee, Peace & Freedom Party
Board of Directors, California NOW Legal Fund
Vice-President, Anti-Blockade Committee
President, Committee Against Nazi Extremism (CANE)
President, Committee Against Racist Extremism (CARE)
(N.O.T.) Business Agent, Price-Costco Workers Organizing Committee
Vice-President, Save the Animals Fund
Vice-President, Western Region, Armenian American Action Committee (ARAMAC)
Director of Public Relations, COYOTE (Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics,
Prostitutes Rights organization), Los Angeles Chapter


Los Angeles County Chairperson, Peace & Freedom Party
Founding State Chairperson, Young Peace & Freedom Partisans
Southern California Chairperson, Peace & Freedom Party
Director of Publicity, Committee to Save the Giraffes
Southern California Director of Publicity, Arizona Farmworkers Union (AFW)
Southern California Director, Committee to End Tax Loopholes
Member of the People's Lobby "Fanatic Fifty"


Private Investigator License #PI 10143
(Employed full time as investigator since March 1979; licensed since 1983)

Vice President for Collections, Permanent Patients, Inc.
Vice President, Wildcat Distributors, Inc.


1972--180 Hours, Occupational Training in Law Enforcement, taught by LAPD
instructors under auspices of L.A.U.S.D. Course grade of "A," and
graduated second in class.

1977--Red Cross basic first aid certificate training.

1979--40 Hours, California Security Training School. Graduated second in

1980--CPR Certificate; Los Angeles Fire Department, Hospital fire
procedures training certificate.


Has participated in criminal defense teams beginning with Louisiana vs.
Ginny Foat 1981-82 (Client acquitted on first jury ballot, unanimous for
acquittal after 1 hour and 50 minutes of deliberations. Mentioned in the
acknowledgements of Foat's autobiography, "Never Guilty, Never Free," as,
"the California connection."

Practice includes federal criminal defense in Eastern District of
Missouri (St. Louis), United States vs. Gipson (defendant not guilty on
all counts in narcotics "throw" case with five alleged police
eyewitnesses); federal criminal defense in Central District of
California, including United States vs. Simpson dismissed on grounds of
"Outrageous Government Conduct;" United States vs. Skordel (Nahrstedt),
client Nahrstedt ultimately acquitted of all charges (starting with 40
counts) with FBI Special Agent--investigating officer for the
government--arrested, convicted and jailed for tampering with evidence,
obstruction of justice, etc.

State criminal practice includes numerous California Superior and
Municipal Court cases, ranging from tresspassing to murder. In People
vs. Blanco, ghost wrote suppression of evidence motion (S. 1538.5 P.C.)
which was granted for pro-per litigant with finding of fact that police
officer witnesses were liars; ruling upheld by California Supreme Court.
Out of state experience includes People of Arizona vs. Fortner (client
granted probation, six months jail time, after shooting boyfriend at
close range; charged with attempted murder).

Death Penalty Experience: People vs. David Wayne Sconce high
publicity/media intensive case. Current case status: charges dismissed
against defendant prior to trial; People ultimately could not prove any
murder was committed, let alone that client was guilty.

Foreign experience: investigated victim/witness in Republica de Espana
vs. Cuello, a cause celebre case under a private criminal prosecution
under the Napoleonic Code.


Have participated in numerous complicated investigations and paralegal
capacities in connection with wide ranging variety of causes of action,
including RICO, Defamation, Breach of Charitable Trust, Sexual
Harassment, Wrongful Termination, workplace discrimination and civil
rights litigation, police misconduct, election law reform, etc.

Ghost-wrote pleadings in Rubin vs. Witek (North Central District, Los
Angeles Superior Court) resulting in Plaintiff's verdict for Defamation
by Libel Per Se establishing accusation of AIDS as falling under common
law definition of "loathsome disease." $10,000 in general damages and
$90,000 in punitive damages awarded to Plaintiff.

Ghost-wrote initial pleadingsand conducted discovery and investigation
inSilverstein vs. Save the Animals Fund et al (Central District, Los
Angeles Superior Court). Jury verdict for Slander $35,000 for Plaintiff,
Judge's ruling on Breach of Charitable Trust issues: Removal of all
existing directors and replacement on Board of Non-Profit Corporation of
Plaintiff and her allies; restitution by former board members to
corporation in excess of $100,000 for fraud, embezzlement, and mismanagement.


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