Statement: Jon Peterson for Treasurer

I have been a manager, led volunteer organizations, developed
financial systems for a major manufacturer, served on a city budget
committee, and am treasurer of a large state-wide organization. I am
ready to be California's next State Treasurer.

I also have a vision to share with you. I want to ensure that
government maintains respect for each individual while truly serving
the public. The voters are in charge, and my first significant act as
Treasurer will be to halt the shameless use of lease-revenue bonds for
projects voted down by the people. Next up would be a major effort to
repair California's credit rating (downgraded again in July).

Leading by example, the Treasurer's Office would become a showplace
for trimming government fat. Through natural attrition and competitive
contracting, efficiency will go up while costs come down. When more
can be accomplished at lower cost, budget trimming gets much easier,
and that will get California back on track, leading the nation.

That's the vision I wanted to share with you, and that's the vision I
want to turn into reality for you. Thank you for your vote.


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