CONTACT: Ron Rogers
September 9, 19949


SACRAMENTO, CA -- Matt Fong challenged Phil Angelides to come clean and
stop his campaign of sleaze at a taping of "This Week in California"
(KOVR-TV Channel 13) in Sacramento on Wednesday night. Fong is running
against Angelides in the race for State Treasurer.

Even the introduction of "This Week in California" stated that developer
Phil Angelides "was accused of running a sleazy campaign against his
primary opponent, David Roberti."

During the TV taping, Angelides refused to acknowledge that his campaign
henchman, Democrat Party Executive Director Bob Mulholland, attempted to
get a list of movies Matt Fong rented and personally paid for (Los
Angeles Times, 8/5/94). Fong confronted Angelides with this statement:

"Phil, you smeared Bruce Herschensohn in 1992 when he did not have enough
time to respond and you smeared David Roberti in 1994 when he did not
have the resources to respond. Now, you are asking for the titles of the
movies I personally pay for. How far will you stoop in your campaign?
Phil, I won't let you get away with another smear campaign. I have the
resources to respond to any sleazy campaign distortions and lies -- and
will not hesitate to use those resources to set the record straight."

Each candidate had an opportunity to express their views of the State
Treasurer's role in public finance, issuance of bonds, investments in
public employee pension funds and the state budget. The lively debate
included discussion about Matt Fong's Taxpayer Protection Plan and his
strategy to invest in California. The show will air on Sunday, September
11 at 11:30 a.m.


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