Phil Angelides' Goals as Treasurer

As the state's chief investment officer, and as someone who has
invested hundreds of millions of dollars in the California economy in the
last decade, my top priority will be to invest more of our $150 billion
portfolio in California. My goal is to create jobs for Californians by
investing in California businesses, California banks lending here at
home, and in California workers.

Our bond rating has been lowered because of poor fiscal
management and growing deficits. This is costing Californians $1 billion
in added interest. As the state's banker, and as someone with business
and financial management experience, I will exert leadership and pressure
to balance the budget by limiting the state's credit card borrowing.

I am seeking this office to make a difference in state government
and to infuse it with energy, mission and accomplishment. I want to be
part of the resurrection of California. As an experienced businessman
and financial manager, I want to see state government perform very
differently than it has performed in the last few years.


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