A Record of Environmental Accomplishment


Phil has actively supported a variety of important environmental causes.
Here are a few examples of his commitment:

Solidified business support to shut down the Rancho Seco nuclear power
plant in Sacramento; he co-signed, with Ralph Nader, the ballot argument
to close the plant.

Supported and raised funds for Proposition 116, the Transit Bond Measure
(1990), the $2 million bond measure for the provision of mass transit in
California. In his own community, he led the fight for the successful
passage of the half-cent sales tax which raised funds for Sacramento's
light rail and bus system.

Actively supported and raised funds for Proposition 70, Californians for
Parks and Wildlife (1988), which provided for $770 million in bonds for
the purchase of parks and open space, and for the protection of

Purchased the Sacramento Regional Transit system for Earth Day 1990,
making free rides available to all. "Free Ride Day" introduced all
Sacramento residents to bus and light rail service. The publicity pushed
ridership to record levels. He also organized an extensive educational
program on the benefits of mass transit and clean air for elementary
school children.

One of the top business leaders who has come out in support of Stone
Lakes, the critical wildlife refuge south of Sacramento.

Has opposed the construction of the Auburn Dam, instead urging his own
regional leaders to consider alternative flood control and water
development and conservation measures.

Within his own community, he has been a major fundraiser for and donor
to organizations such as the American Lung Association, the Sacramento
Tree Foundation, and the American River Parkway Association.


Planned and built Laguna West, the nationally-recognized
pedestrian-oriented, transit-adaptable community, working closely with
community and environmental leaders, which has been featured in such
national media as Time, Newsweek, the New York Times, U.S. News & World
Report, ABC-TV's "Good Morning, America" and "World News Tonight," and
the Los Angeles Times.

Has won national plaudits for Laguna West's environmental design, which
has changed the debate on suburban land use in Sacramento County and
throughout the nation. The community's design has won many awards,
including the "Outstanding Planning Award" from the American Planning
Association's California State and Sacramento Chapters.

Laguna West has become the centerpiece of a whole new literature on how
we can re-design suburbs to be more environmentally responsible. It is
prominently featured in several books: The Next American Metropolis:
Ecology, Community and the American Dream, by Peter Calthorpe (Princeton
Architectural Press), which was dedicated to Phil Angelides by the
author; and The New Urbanism, by Peter Katz (McGraw-Hill). Two
additional books are forthcoming: A Better Place to Live: Reshaping the
American Suburb, by Philip Langdon (University of Massachusetts Press);
and Mutiny in the Suburbs: Reshaping the American Dream, by Gary Delsohn
(Times Books, a division of Random House).


His communities have changed the standard of development in the
Sacramento region, with the planting of more than 40,000 trees, the
dedication of more than 700 acres of parklands and open space, the
provision of a range of housing from low-income to custom homes, the
adoption of strict architectural guidelines, the building and showcasing
of energy-efficient homes with PG&E and SMUD, the design of
state-of-the-art natural treatment of drainage waters, and the creation
of jobs within walking distance of homes.

Formed new venture to help other businesses reduce energy costs and
consumption. The new company, Beacon River West, in conjunction with EAU
Cogenics, will retrofit businesses to reduce energy consumption in the
Sacramento area.

He has demonstrated that California can grow while being respectful of
the environment. He has created 28,000 jobs and won many awards, from
recognition for preservation of trees to accolades for community artwork.


Alan Barnes, Executive Secretary of the California Native Plant Society*
Ralph W. Benson, Executive Vice President, The Trust for Public Lands*
Robert Berka, Vice President of the California Native Plant Society*
Charles Casey, Associate Conservation Director, Friends of the River*
Jolie Chain and David Zucker, Board Members, Americans for a Safe Future,
and Board Members, Tree People*
Jayni Chase, Founder of the Center for Environmental Education*
Michael DeLapa, Board of Directors for Save Our Shores*
Mark Dubois, Executive Director of World Wise*
Gail Ervin, President, Environmental Council of Sacramento*
Mark Fleming, Executive Director of the Sacramento Valley Toxics Campaign*
Jane Hagedorn, Vice President of the Planning and Conservation League*
Carlyle Hall, President of People for Parks*
Burr Heneman, President of Living Resources, and Director of the Pacific
Region for the Center for Marine Conservation*
Jim Jones, Past President of Save the American River Association and
Co-Founder and Past President of the American River Parkway Foundation*
Adi Liberman, Director of Heal the Bay*
Tom Martens, Executive Director of Friends of the River*
Robert McCray, Past President, Environmental Council of Sacramento*
John Merz, Chairman of the Board of the Sacramento River Preservation Trust*
David Mogavero, Past President, Environmental Council of Sacramento*
Paul Okamoto, President of Urban Ecology*
Gary Patton, President of the Planning and Conservation League*
Joan Reiss, Former Regional Director of the Wilderness Society*
Michael Remy, Past President of the Planning and Conservation League*
Martin J. Rosen, President of the Trust for Public Lands*
Diane Meyer Simon, President of Global Green USA and Board Member of
Green Cross International*
Karolyn W. Simon, Past President, Environmental Council of Sacramento*
Tom Soto, President of the Coalition for Clean Air and Secretary of the
Mono Lake Committee*
Tina Thomas, Secretary-Treasurer of the Planning and Conservation League*
and Past President, Environmental Council of Sacramento*
Ray Tretheway, Executive Director of the Sacramento Tree Foundation and
Past President, Environmental Council of Sacramento*
Paul Van Dyke, Chair of the American Lung Association's Clean Air
California Chapter*
J. William Yeates, President of the Mountain Lion Foundation*
Bill Ziebron, Past President of the Sacramento Valley Section of the
American Planning Association*

* Endorsements above are by individuals; organizations are listed for
identification purposes only.


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