Phil Angelides on Crime

As the father of three daughters, living in urban area, I am
committed to making California safe for all families.

I want to see a system which sets out clear penalties for crimes
committed against society. Justice must be sure and swift.

I support the death penalty. I believes in stern punishment for
violent crime. As a father, it is my responsibility to make sure that
rules are clear, and that, when rules are broken, punishment is
accorded. Elected leaders have the same responsibility to society at

As Treasurer, I will invest our state's money wisely and cut
waste, so that funds are available to improve education; to fund programs
of deterrence; and to commit sufficient resources to keep our streets

I am overwhelmingly endorsed by law enforcement organizations,
including the Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs, the
Bakersfield Police Officers Association, the California Association of
Highway Patrolmen, the California Organization of Police & Sheriffs, the
California Union of Safety Employees, the Fresno Police Officers
Association, the Huntington Beach Police Officers Association, the
International Union of Police Associations AFL-CIO, the Los Angeles
County Professional Peace Officers Association, the Los Angeles Unified
School District Police Officers Association, the Oakland Police Officers
Association, the Police Officers Research Association of California
(PORAC), the Riverside Sheriffs Association, the Sacramento Police
Officers Association, the San Bernardino Sheriff's Employees Benefits
Association, the San Diego Police Officers Association, the Santa Monica
Police Officers Association, and the Southern California Alliance of Law


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