Delaine Eastin, candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction, is a product of California public schools. Born in San Diego in 1947, Delaine grew up in San Carlos, California. Eastin received her bachelor's degree from the University of California at Davis and a master's degree in political science from UC Santa Barbara.

Delaine started her career as a teacher. She taught political science at several California community colleges. After seven years of teaching, Delaine joined Pacific Bell where, as a corporate strategic planner, she helped the company reform and rebuild in response to the breakup of the phone system. As manager of the accounting department at Pac Bell, Delaine introduced technology and doubled production -- while reducing her staff by half.

In 1986, communities stretching from San Jose to Union City elected Delaine to the Legislature, after her service on the Union City Council. When she joined the Assembly, she authored innovative bills to improve schools, increase use of recycled materials, improve transportation systems, and crack down on unlicensed contractors.

Delaine's leadership garnered the "Rookie of the Year" award from the California Journal, a non-partisan analytical journal that reports on the State Legislature.

For the last four years, Delaine has chaired the Assembly Education Committee, where she has authored and shaped legislation to reform California's public schools in order to make the state economically competitive. Her legislation has included bills creating charter schools, promoting parental involvement, and enhancing school safety. Delaine's other legislation reduced the bureaucratic hurdles for approval of new school construction and placed the largest school
bond in history on the ballot, which voters approved in 1992. She also fought successfully to increase financial accountability of school districts -- to prevent bankruptcies like the one in Richmond.

Educators, teachers and others and from across California have applauded Delaine's legislative leadership. She received "Legislator of the Year" awards from the Faculty Association of California Community Colleges, the California School Boards Association and the California Media Library Educators Association. The California Congress of the PTA, and the American Electronics
Association also have recognized Eastin for her efforts on behalf of children.

Delaine now lives in Fremont with her husband, Jack Saunders. Even with a hectic campaign schedule, Delaine runs several times a week.


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