CONTACT: Ron Smith
September 16, 1994


SAN DIEGO -- Maureen DiMarco today received the endorsement of
Wilbert Smith, who was a strong challenger for Superintendent of Public
Instruction in the June primary election. Smith, a Republican, came in a
close third in that statewide contest.

"I am endorsing Maureen DiMarco for Superintendent of Public
Instruction because she shares the goals on which my candidacy was based
and for which I received nearly half a million votes," said Smith.

"Maureen has consistently fought for the best interests of
parents, students and taxpayers -- often over the objections of
bureaucrats and employee unions. She has assured me of her commitment to
greater accountability, local control, safer schools and excellence in
education," stated Smith, who is Chairman of the California Republican
Party's Education Committee.

Joining Smith at the press conference was Assemblyman Jim Brulte,
the Republican leader in the State Assembly. Brulte also announced his
endorsement of DiMarco, saying, "For many years now, we have seen a
vacuum in leadership at the State Department of Education. The Governor
and Legislature are committed to quality schools, but we need a strong
partner to succeed. Maureen DiMarco will bring the kind of common sense
approach that will finally get things done for California's schools."

Governor Pete Wilson and Senator Ken Maddy, the Republican leader
in the State Senate, have also endorsed Maureen DiMarco for
Superintendent of Public Instruction.

"I'm very proud to have received the support of the state's
leading Republicans in my bid to lead the nation's largest public school
system. They have joined such leading Democrats as Former State
Superintendent Wilson Riles, who serves as General Chairman of my
campaign. The support of such prominent Republicans and Democrats
demonstrates the non-partisan nature of my campaign and is proof-positive
that our message to restore quality education knows no partisanship.
Children do not come in partisan stripes, and those who care about our
schools know that the Superintendent of Public Instruction must remain
non-partisan," DiMarco said.

DiMarco has served as Governor Pete Wilson's Cabinet Secretary
for Child Development and Education since 1991. She faces
Assemblywoman Delaine Eastin in the November 8, 1994 General Election.


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