Maureen DiMarco, Candidate for State Superintendent of
Public Instruction, 1994


Contact information:
DiMarco for Superintendent of Public Instruction
1020 12th Street, Suite 400
Sacramento, California 95814
(916) 441-KIDS
Campaign Manager - Ron Smith
Finance Director - Karen Keane
Headquarters Manager/Scheduling - Brandi Jauregui



Platform Papers

Maureen DiMarco: Agenda
Maureen DiMarco for Superintendent of Public Instruction
Maureen DiMarco: Candidate's Statement

News Releases

DiMarco Blames School Bond Failure on Election-Year Politics
Schedule of Debates and Forums Betweeen Maureen DiMarco and Opponent Eastin
Wilbert Smith Endorses DiMarco and is Joined by Key Republican Leaders
What Others Say About the Election of Maureen DiMarco as Superintendent of Public Instruction...


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