From the Ballot Pamphlet:
Dorothy Kreiss Robbins-American Independent Party

I promise you, the voter, to use my skills and knowledge (as an instructor
in grammar, a published author, and a writer of manuals for parents to teach
grammar, creative writing, and the U.S. Constitution to children) to give you
clear, precise, understandable instructions and informational election
material (I Cor. 10:31); to keep within the duties delegated in our State
Constitution; to obey only clear, understandable laws that conform to
the U.S. Constitution and the premises of our Founding Fathers; and to
run an efficient, economical office.

Please call me at 916-241-1149, 11037 Erickson Way-#79,
Redding, California, 96003. Thank you.

(from the Ballot Pamphlet)

*As the state's chief elections officer, administers and enforces
election laws and keeps records of all campaign and lobbyist disclosure
statements required under the Political Reform Act.

*Files official documents relating to corporations, trademarks, the
Unified Commercial Code, notaries public and limited partnerships.

*Collects and preserves historically valuable papers and artifacts
in the California State Archives.

*Serves as an ex-officio member of the California State World Trade

CANDIDATES can promise everything; officers may only do what they
are delegated to do and that I will try my very best to do.

I would like to address a subject that has a great deal to do with
the Secretary of State: "Motor Voter Registration." First of all, you
may have heard that our present governor has said it is too costly....and he is
correct. Because everyone who is associated with any government related
entity (DMV, Social Security, "welfare," etc.) must use their paper work
to make sure that that one is registered to vote. That is, they must
ask whether the person wants to be registered. This in turn leads to the
need for cross-checking to assure us that a voter is not registered more
than once! Can you imagine the cost of that? or the possibility that those
doing the paper work will promote their own party preference? Aside from
the cost and the possibility of using ones position for the party of
their choice, however, is the question as to the Constitutionality of such
an act. Elections and voter registration are closely related but the
authority to control the first does not mean the authority to control the
second. The first involves the actual voting of those registered; the
second is concerned with the making registration available to those whose
qualifications have been predetermined and the determination as to
whether those registered have done so properly.

This a reading of both the Constitution and the Federalist Papers shows
that our Founders "reserved to the States respectively, or to the

When we review the Constitution we discover that Congress can make
only those laws relating to elections, not registration which is,
therefore, the state's right and responsibility. Voter Motor Registration
is a usurpation of State's rights. It is also one more step toward
greater government intervention in our lives. Consider that, if congress
can gain control of the registration of voters, what will be the next step?
Can you not see that they will then want to change voter qualifications?


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