Prepared by Dorothy Kreiss Robbins
Candidate for Secretary of State

Dorothy Robbins of Shasta County entered politics after an intensive
study of Biblical law, the Constitution and the history of the United
States, which she researched from original documents.

Born in Maryland in 1921, Mrs. Robbins was reared in Indiana, where she
graduated as a registered nurse. She is now a published author whose
writings include children's books, prize winning poetry, and articles
on education, history and politics.

She is the mother of eight adult children. Formerly active in the Republican
Party, Mrs. Robbins and her husband, Louis, switched to the A.I.P. "It was
one of the best decisions we ever made," she says.

The above description tells you that the candidate has the ability
to carry out the promises made by her in the Ballot Pamphlet. In
addition, you may gather from the fact that I successfully raised eight children
that I have the organizational abilities and skills it takes to run an
office the size of the Secretary of State's. As I am using a computer at this
moment you can also see that I am able to keep up to date on methods used
in such an office. Incidentally, I taught myself to use my computer.

Below my statement in the Ballot Pamphlet you will find a
description of the duties of the Secretary of State. You will find in my
statement no promises to change any laws; that is the legislative branch's
duty. You will find there no promises to change the way voting is done; that
too is the legislators' job. If I were trying to do any of these things
and more, I would run for assemblyman where these and similar things are
allowed by our constitution. I ask you to read the description of the
duties of the Secretary of State following my Ballot Statement and decide
on the basis of commitment to do the job for which you are choosing a new
Secretary of State as well as my qualifications whether voting for me is
the best choice. Your vote could make the difference for California
between elections that are run properly and those that are not. Which will
you choose?


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