September 29, 1994
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Poll Results Highlight Anti-Incumbent Fever

A comparison of Field Poll results and internal polling document the
marked anti-incumbent mood shaping races for elective office throughout
the state and the nation. A benchmark survey by the Bill Jones for
Secretary of State campaign, which tracked closely the timing and the
sample size of a Field poll released today, showed Jones with a five
point lead over 18-year "incumbent"--acting Secretary of State Tony
Miller. Jones was ahead among likely voters 33.5 percent to 28.5 percent
for Miller. The Field poll showed Miller ahead by four points--20 to 24.

"The difference between my benchmark poll and the Field poll is that
my ballot question included the ballot designations," Jones said. "Tony
Miller is identified by his ballot designation--'acting' Secretary of
State. When voters are offered the choice between a career-bureaucrat
incumbent and Bill Jones, we see a clear 10-point swing."

Those results are confirmed by other results from independent polls
around the state, Jones added.

The Field poll asked the ballot question: "In the race for California
Secretary of State, Republican Bill Jones is running against Democrat
Tony Miller. If the election were being held today, for whom would you
vote for California Secretary of State--Jones or Miller?"

The Jones' poll asked the ballot question: "And in the election for
Secretary of State, if the elections were held today, who would you vote
for between Bill Jones, Republican, Businessman, Farmer, Legislator; Tony
Miller, Democrat, Acting Secretary of State; or Margaret Garcia, Green
Party, Writer and Editor?"

"A comparison of those questions also shows one other weakness in the
Field poll," Jones said. "The Field Poll forgot about the Green Party
candidate. We know the Democrats kept a Green Party candidate for
governor out of the November election to save votes for Kathleen Brown.
Maybe they should have done the same for Tony Miller because the Green
Party candidate pulls almost 6 percent of the vote. Those voters are
traditional Democratic voters."

The Jones' poll was conducted by Voter Consumer Research among a
statewide sample of 600 registered voters from September 18-21.


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