Peggy Christiansen: Statement on the Issues

As California's chief election official, I would oppose any taxpayer
funding of election campaigns. People should not have to pay for the
campaigns of politicians they don't like. While I don't like the
influence of lobbyists and their PAC money, I think the problem
results from politicians having too many taxpayer goodies to give
away. Cut the size and scope of government and PAC influence will
decline accordingly. I support allowing parties to nominate candidates
by convention instead of primaries, thus saving millions of tax
dollars. Parties that hold primaries should pay for them. Also, I will
work to place "None of the Above" on all ballots, so voters may reject
all candidates for an office and thus force a new election. To protect
political minorities, I favor proportional representation in the State
Legislature, so parties would receive a percentage of legislative
seats based on their percentage of the vote. This would allow members
of the Libertarian, Green, Peace and Freedom and American Independent
Parties to serve in state office and shake up the two establishment
parties. I would save taxpayers money by transferring the function of
chartering corporations and notaries public to private companies.


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