As we approach the 21st century, we need a strong and independent-
minded person who has the background, understanding and ability
to lay the groundwork, pave the road and lead us into the future. I
have never held any public office, but the time has come for me to
step forward to assume the duties and responsibilities of a US
Senator because I have the needed abilities, and because I am
committed to a life of public service. I am an independent candidate
because I don't believe in either the Democratic or Republican party,
but I believe in the people. I believe that the perpetual campaigning
of partisan politics is what is wrong with our present system. I also
believe in a smaller government that is not so wasteful.

Our nation desperately needs to deal strongly with crime, and
courageously embrace immigration, health care, welfare and political
campaign reform. As a senator, I will draw on my education,
understanding and experience as I propose or vote on these new laws.
I am a fair, open, independent-minded immigrant who does not have
health insurance, and who has never accepted welfare.

The above are only current problems. As a transcultural person fluent
in three languages (English, French, Vietnamese), who knows both
Eastern and Western cultures well, I have the necessary understanding
to lead in an era of global economy, as we strengthen our markets in
Europe and develop new ones in Asia. My technical skills (degree in
Bioengineering and years of experience in the electronic and computer
industry) give me an independent yet influential voice in attracting
hi-tech companies to our state, and in laying a good foundation for
the future as we join the the rest of the nation in building the
electronic infrastructure.

In 1986, I walked away from the corporate environment and have since
been an independent computer/software engineer. I knew then, that as
a nation and as a society, we needed change. I have since been working
hard to strengthen and secure myself so I can now come forward and take
the initiative to effect the change that has so sorely been needed. I
have started the journey but cannot finish it alone. Will you join me?


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