Democrats or Republicans...

* _Both parties_ raise taxes...
* _Both parties_ betray us every chance they get...
* _Both parties_ tread on the rights of middle class American

I'm not a Democrat... I'm not a Republican.

I am a middle-class American who's fed-up with welfare costs, S&L
bailouts, job quotas, corruption in high places, and attacks on the
Bill of Rights.

I'm tired of both major parties raising our taxes while they betray
our trust. Nothing will change until we make the change. As your
senator, I will see to it that Washington gets your message: stay out
of our schools; stay out of our workplaces; stay out of our
lifestyles; and above all, stay out of our pockets!

We must clean house in government. But Republicans won't do it and
Democrats won't do it! Mainstream Americans, like you and me, must
show both major political parties that "party" time is over!

Please call today! We need your support!


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