Bob New for Lt. Governor
Statement on the Issues

I am a small business owner who has seen Democratic and Republican
politicians alike wreck California's economy and crush our personal
liberties. I will use the position of Lt. Governor as a forum to
promote less government and more personal responsibility. I will work
to: repeal the state income tax; deregulate the economy by eliminating
all state agencies that stifle the free market; privatize public
services (private companies provide more efficient and economic
services than government agencies do); slash crime by ending the
failed War on Drugs and re-legalizing drugs as they once were; provide
tax credits to parents who home school or send their kids to private
schools; repeal paternalistic safety regulations like seat belt and
motorcycle helmet laws; end welfare for everyone, not just illegal
immigrants; and strongly defend our 2nd Amendment right to keep and
bear arms for self defense. The Libertarian Party platform calls for
abolishing the office of Lt. Governor, an official who waits around
for the Governor to die. Seven states (including Oregon and Arizona)
don't have such an unnecessary position, and they are getting along
just fine. Eliminating this office will save taxpayers $1.5 million
per year.


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