Press Release: San Francisco Examiner Endorsement


On October 25, 1994, the San Francisco Examiner published an editorial
titled "A turn toward the Green." In an unprecedented decision, the
editorial board of the San Francisco Examiner endorsed a "lesser known
candidate for lieutenant governor who impresses us: Daniel Moses." Moses was
praised for raising "important issues that aren't being discussed by Davis,
Wright, or any of the other major party office seekers." Moses is
running on "a politics of compassion" and the Green platform of
sustainability, community-based economics, ecological wisdom,
nonviolence, grassroots democracy, feminism, and social justice. The
Green focus on community-based economics (keeping money circulating
largely within communities, encouraging small businesses and
profit-sharing, and establishing nonprofit community-development
corporations) challenges the Democratic and Republican intention to base
California's future almost entirely on the global market.

The editorial ended with these words:

This newspaper is strongly committed to the
protection of the environment and to the
promotion of new ideas. Daniel Moses of the
Green Party is trying to stretch the paradigm.
Given the opportunity to be heard, he reminds
all of us of how much we have lost in modern
political life. For those reasons, we support
his candidacy for lieutenant governor of

The San Francisco Examiner, a Hearst newspaper, has become the
first major paper to support the Greens' introduction of a new politics in
California. As the top of the Green Party ticket, Daniel Moses, with his
grassroots campaign throughout the state, is speaking to people about a
politics that is pragmatic, sensitive, and community-based.


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