May 19, 1994
TO: Earl & Thelma Evan

Thank you for the investment of time and effort to write with your questions.

First the facts, fact number one is that the incumbent leadership "Lies" about the record and about what they can do for you just to get your vote.

That is why you will read in the State ballot pamphlet "Lies" by incumbent offholders, the very ones' who created the criminal alien "give-a-ways", that is lowering our standard of living. "Lies" about their record of policies that drive and encourage the export jobs out of California and the United States. "Lies" promising you the moon if only you will vote for the incumbent leadership again.

Find enclosed copys of news reports about some of the real incumbent record,

Number One: The 1994 Sham Budget. The Register 5/18/94

Number Two: How the Controller Davis sold out to the Criminal Alien movement. Sacramento Bee

Number Three: Report of how two State Senators raised taxes, legally "fixed" traffic tickets and then denied their doing it. LA Times

Number Four: 12 year old Polly is not the only "blood" on the hands of Sacramento, what of 17 year-old Viki Martinez beaten to death protecting her 3 year-old son. Daily Bulletin 5/3/94

I selected these to showcase what real Independent, an American Independent Lieutenant Governor could really do!

On Number One, like the Vice President the Lt. Governor is President of the State Senate, as such can comment and focus attention on this fictitious
election year budget. So, that the facts will be out as opposed to "Lies".

On Number Two, both the Democrat & Republican office holders cover up for each other, witness how the present Democrat Lt. Governor does not speak out, denouncing the campaign "Lies" those seeking your votes. Robert Lewis (myself) as the American Independent Lt. Governor would be the Conscience of the California State Government, going public when the Controller, Treasurer or any member of the State Government does not do their job. To include remembering what they promised to get your vote.

On Number Three, Also did you know that our Tax dollars are going to pay retirement to no less than three (3) Criminals, yes State Senators convicted of corruption while in office will draw a full tax paid retirement. Because these incumbents have a code to look out for each others perks,
the number of Criminal officeholders drawing retirement will soon increase. Look how they engineered getting that a 1994 pay hike of thirty-seven
percent (37%), which since 1990 doubles their base pay.

Number four, how many Californians were killed, wounded, raped, injured by the criminals those "Rights" the leaders in power protected in the
year long delay, before crime became the election issue? Exposure is the one real power, the Lt. Governor always has! The media has to cover Lt.
Governor, so when I go on record it will be to expose how California State Government fails.

In the hands of a "Lying" Democrat or Republican the Lt. Governor is a advisory "Lapdog" pledged to uphold the Party, the Incumbents and the
existing leadership in power. Only Robert Lewis, the Independent-American Independent candidate can make Lt. Governor a real "Watchdog" pledged to the People of California, not candidates of incumbents & special interests brought and paid for with over two million dollars.

Now for the direct answers to your questions;

#1a I signed and support the "Save Our State" Proposition. Criminal Aliens do not deserve "any" benefits and further the State of California needs
to demand payment for all services provided from the Criminal Aliens Nation of Origin.

#1b Return to the proven policy which worked for the first one-hundred and fifty years of U.S. history. Children of criminal aliens remain with
their parents when said parents are returned to their Nation of Origin.And until the Constitution is changed when the children reach eighteen
they must declare their citizenship.

#1c Welfare, no no no!

#1d Schooling, no no no, unless paid for and they must live across the border. refer to the abuse in the news copy.

#1e Just look at the new California ID or Driver License there is a magnetic tape on the back, we in effect have the tamper proof ID card
available. States have the Constitutional Authority to do this already, but will not because "divide and rule" policy in place.

#2 The model for future environmental programs is what the Domingoni Valley project has done. First the study, using science not ideology, second build credits for the project by banking, contributing, adding too existing private foundations beyond the politics of ideology. Yes, fair
compensation for the "taking" of land or use rights must be part of the process. Above all conducted in public view, subject to challenge.

#4 The California Commission for Economic Development is a advisory body that no one pays any attention too. For any candidate to promise that any result will occur as Chair is "Lying" The real enemy of the California business and manufacturing is not foreign nations, BUT THE UNITED STATES FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!!!!!

No, Democrat or Republican will daily expose that our Federal Government pays via tax credits, via trade agreements, via pricing contacts, via direct payment of "OUR" tax dollars, our own money to export California Jobs to not only offshore (Mexico, Korea, etc.) but to States that pay lower wages, no benefits and outlaw union shops.

No, Democrat or Republican will daily expose how the those leading special interests are out lower our standard of living, making us work more, for less!

Robert Lewis, is the only statewide candidate that is speaking out, exposing the rot and corruption behind the cooperation in government between pro-alien Democrats and anti-working Californian Republicans driven by greed.

The first step is to get my voice, the voice of an Independent, to the working man where it can do California the most good.


Robert Lewis


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