Biography: Robert Lewis

Age: 42 years
Date and City of Birth: November 17, 1951/Washington D.C
Married: Perlita Dariagan Lewis of Philippine origin
National Service: United States Army, enlisted 1970-73, Honorable Discharge
Education: Technical Studies Major, 1974-79; Industrial Process Controls 1992; from Cal State Fullerton (CSUF).
Occupation: 15 years, Industrial Controls Technology, Sabina Engineering and Electric, Anaheim, California.
Public posts held: Director, Rowland Water District; Commissioner, Puente Basin Water Agency.

Yes, California needs answers to todays problems, but each statewide elected official has a role, a potential towards those answers and solutions, only if we ask the right questions.

Budget questions need to be directed at the candidates for Governor, it is that office which solely recommends spending priorities and with the veto has final say in the State Budget.

California History shows that Lieutenant Governors are not promoted to Governor and rarely are allowed input into the budget. The "Truth" of
the state ballot pamphlet and questions on this information tool is in the hands of the Secretary of State, not the Lieutenant Governor.

On Legislation the rules of the state government does not offer the Lieutenant Governor any direct means of proposing bills. Which leaves the "Hot Button" issue of crime, in the 1994 Three Strikes format, which totally falls to the Attorney General to enforce, again a question out of place for a Lieutenant Governor. Since the State Attorney General is the most likely to be promoted to the Governorship.

The role, the focus of Lieutenant Governor is;

1) President of the State Senate
2) Chair of the State Commission for Economic Development
3) member, State Land Commission
4) both regent and trustee to the State Education System none of the
questions asked of Robert Lewis touched any of these 4 Lieutenant
Governor functions.

We would have been better served by asking the question, after 14 convictions of government officials, 4 years of sham state budgets, a 37 percent pay raise for elected Sacramento Hacks, business as usual in the Legislature's Fantasyland, Why do you keep voting in major party hacks pledged to continue these stupid and outright evil results.

To get a real Independent Conscience in state government you start by electing Robert Lewis Lieutenant Governor, then California truly will
have a Independent President of the State Senate able to spotlight corruption, ending practices that has criminally claimed 5 California Legislators in
4 years. Simply put Robert Lewis, President of the Senate will be your watchdog to keep the sticky fingered Sacramento Hacks out of our "Tax
Cookie Jar".

California will also gain an Education Regent & Trustee who knows that our standard of living, economic health require Science and merit must be made the central State Education priority. Anything that blocks this priority for our standard of living, our economic health, the future of our children must be removed.

Most of all, the first Chair of our State Commission for Economic Development, Independent of the allegianceto Corporate Money and their creatures in Sacramento and Washington. An American Independent able to openly fight for victory in the Job War, a war which our government seeks to not only create new jobs in foreign lands, but subsidizes the export of existing jobs. Jobs lost because the Evil & Stupid parties sell-out to Corporate Political Action Money, as multi-national corporate greed manipulates politics for their profit. Robert Lewis will be a public voice to end this stupid government policy and evil job export programs such as the International Development Bank (IDB), the NAFTA created North American Export Bank (NAEB)

Tuesday, November 8th, say no more creatures of sell-out, Don't vote Evil, stop voting Stupid, Elect a real Independent--American Independent,
Robert Lewis your next Lieutenant Governor.


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