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"Quack Fiction"
Quackenbush, in his most challenging role to date, the insurance companies'"Million Dollar Man"

See! Chuck Quackenbush handlers work overtime to cover up his record

Laugh! as Quackensbush tries to portray himself as a consumer advocate

Be on the Edge of your Seat! as Allstate, State Farm, and friends put the arm on agents, brokers, and employees to give hundreds of thousands of
dollars to Quackenbush.

Shocked and Terrified! As more than a hundred insurance companies spend a million dollars to try to steal this office from California consumers

Cheer! as Quack Facts triumph over Quack Fiction!

The Story So Far...

Quack Fiction: Says he's committed to being Insurance Commissioner. Quack Fact: Opposed Prop. 103 which created the very position he
seeks. Campaigned against Prop. 103, appearing in "No on Prop. 103" campaign material.

Quack Fiction: Says California consumers can trust him to protect their rights.
Quack Fact: After voting against consumers nearly 100% of the time,
Quackenbush gets his reward: Accepts over $1,000,000 from insurance
industry he would regulate if elected.

Quack Fiction: Says he's no career politician.
Quack Fact: Yet Quack voted against term limits for Insurance Commissioner. In eight years he's run for four offices. In 1985 Quack
declared for United States Congress, but then pulled out. In 1986 he's elected to Assembly. In 1993, he threw his hat for the state Senate Seat,
but waffled out. Now, he's running for Insurance Commissioner. What's next?

Chuck ducks debate challenges from Art Torres. Since September 29th, Chuck declines to accept or respond to seven joint appearances with
Torres. What's he hiding?

Quack Fiction: Respected independent leader! (It says so on his campaign literature.)
Quack Fact: Quack does little in Assembly. Votes against Medi Gap insurance for seniors, civil rights for people with disabilities, and lowering auto insurance rates for good drivers discount.

Named one of "Terrible Ten" by the non-partisan "Voters Alliance for Children" for voting against any and every measure to improve the lives
of CaliforniaÌs children.

"Marlboro Quack" accepts $15,000 from Philip Morris, "You've come along way, Quack."

According the 1992 Santa Clara Metro article, the California Journal ranked Quackenbush as the South Bay's worst legislator. Known as the
"black sheep of South Bay Delegation."

His own hometown newspaper, the San Jose Mercury, didn't even endorse him in the primary.

Credited with watering down the Roberiti Ban on assault weapons. Voted against the re-registration of hand guns.

Quack Fiction: Says "free market" approach will solve insurance industry problems.
Quack Fact: Quack approach will spell disaster for consumers. Before Prop. 103, California had the "free market approach" and the fastest rising
insurance rates in the country! After Prop. 103 and a pro-consumer Insurance Commissioner, California has one of the slowest rates of premium increases.

Quack Fiction: Former businessman who will fight for small business.
Quack Fact: Quackenbush sold business down the river. After taking $150,000 from workers comp insurance companies, he voted against allowing
business representation on the important Workers Comp Rating Board, which sets insurance rates.

As the campaign wears on, the Quack gets desperate.

Quack Fiction: Accuses Torres of accepting money from trail lawyers and insurance companies.
Quack Fact: Art Torres kept his campaign pledge not to accepts any money from insurance companies, agents, or brokers. Sacramento Bee (10/11/94) retracts Quackenbush accusation that Torres accepted $113,000 from Trial Lawyers Association.

Quack Fiction: Quack stooped so low as to accuse Torres of being "fan of Saddam Hussein."
Quack Fact: OOPS! Quack forgets to do his homework. In 1987 Torres took a trip to Iraq approved and encouraged by Reagan administration with
many prominent Republicans and former military personnel. Members reported to then Secretary of State George Schultz, Quackenbush's "Honorary" Campaign Chair.

Who will write the final chapter of this story?
California voters, not the insurance companies' Million Dollar Man.


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