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Sacramento Bee Endorses Torres For Insurance Commissioner, Says Electing Quackenbush Would Be A Major Step Backwards

Los Angeles -- The Sacramento Bee today endorsed Senator Art Torres for Insurance Commissioner over Chuck Quackenbush stating that "the choice in this race is clear. Electing Quackenbush would be a major step backward."

In endorsing Torres, the Sacramento Bee cited Quackenbush's lack of experience with insurance issues and his acceptance of money from
insurance companies (over a million dollars from insurance companies, agents, and brokers) Said the Bee:

"many of the state's largest insurers are pouring large sums into Quackenbush's candidacy."

The Bee editorial highlighted Torres' experience as former Chairman of the State Senate Insurance Committee, and said "Torres has acquired a
better grasp of the law than his opponent and more experience in working with the contending interest groups."

The Bee joins the L.A. Times and the Oakland Tribune, both of whom endorsed Torres.


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