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August 1, 1994
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As the race for Insurance Commissioner begins to heat up, Art Torres is running hard...running from a 20 year voting record that places him among the most liberal members of the Senate.

Yesterday, on KOVR's This Week in California , Art tried to run away from his support of the Clinton health program when he said:

"I opposed the Clinton health care plan, when it was first introduced."

Yet just nine weeks ago, in a political mailer1 paid for and authorized by his campaign committee, he touted his accomplishments in the Senate by telling voters:"So thorough was Art Torres' plan for universal health coverage in California, President Clinton made it a model for his National Health Security Act"

And Art continued to run from his record. On the same program Art Torres declared, while declining to take a position on the Single Payer Initiative:

"I wouldn't support a government run insurance system. I'll tell you that right now" and:

"Employer mandates is something that we ought to be very careful about before we move in that direction."

The truth is that just two years ago, Art Torres supported single payer legislation2 on the Senate Floor that according to the non-partisan Senate Floor Analysis:1) would establish the state as the principal payor of medical care 2) creates a 15 member California Health Care Commission empowered to "determine provider rates, control capital expenditures, and determine individual hospital budgets" 3) mandated a 10% gross payroll surcharge on all employers.Where will Art run next?

* News from the Quackenbush for Insurance Commissioner Campaign
1 California Democratic Voter Checklist
2 SB 36 (Petris)--Floor vote 1/30/92


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