Partial listing of groups and individuals in support of Chuck Quackenbush:

Former Secretary of State George Schultz, Honorary Campaign Chair
Crime Victims United
International Brotherhood of Veterans U.S.A.
KNX Radio -- Los Angeles
Mothers Against Violence in Schools
Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC), over 38,000 peace officers
Southern California Fraud Investigators Association
California Insurance Wholesalers Assocation
California Automotive Wholesalers' Association
Lincoln Club of Northern California
Lincoln Club of Riverside
Gil Amelio, CEO, National Semiconductor
Dennis & Donna Brown, Justice for Homicide Victims
Dick Conniff, President, California Business Bank
Mike Fox, President, M.E. Fox & Company
David Hardie, General Partner, Hallador Venture Partners
John Harris, Harris Ranch
Steve Herrick, President, SBH Association
Douglas Hitchcock, Exec. Vice-President, CA Assoc. of Hospitals & Health
Charles Huggins, President & CEO, See's Candies
Dick Johnson, Co-Founder, Watkins-Johnson
John McGraw, McGraw Insurance Services, Golden Bear Member
Gordon Moore, CEO, Intel Corporation
Tom Moore, CEO, Energy Dynamics
John Morris, President, Morris Management Company
Mervin Morris, President Morris Management (founder of Mervyn's
Department Stores)
Bob Naylor, Former Chairman of the California Republican Party
David Packard, Founder of Hewlett Packard
Duanne Roberts, Entrepreneurial Capital
John Sobrato, General Partner, Sobrato Development Company
Wilbert Smith, Educator
Steven Stratton, President, Stratton Financial & Insurance Services
Bob Ulrichson, President, Logical Services, Inc.


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