Candidate Profile: Chuck Quackenbush

Chuck Quackenbush, 40, was first elected to the State Assembly in 1986. Prior to that, in 1979, he and his wife, Chris, founded Q-Tech, a high-tech consulting firm in Silicon Valley. Later, they founded Q-Bit Software Company, successfully building both companies before selling them in 1989.

A candidate for State Insurance Commissioner, Chuck's campaign is chaired by former Secretary of State George Shultz. Chuck's candidacy is endorsed by the Southern California Fraud Investigators' Association, Crime Victims United and the Peace Officers' Research Association of California (PORAC), representing over 38,000 peace officers.

During his tenure in office, Chuck has earned the respect of community and business leaders for his legislative accomplishments and integrity. He is known as a leader committed to supporting business and education, being tough on crime and illegal immigration, and reforming tax and insurance laws.

For his work to create California jobs, Chuck recently received the American Electronics Association's "Lifetime Achievement Award." Among his most notable legislative measures are:

Public School Choice - allows children to attend any public school regardless of district boundaries, stimulating competition in public schools.

Research & Development Tax Credits - helps stimulate investment in new products, increasing our competitiveness.

Juvenile Murder - allows judges discretion to try 14 and 15 year olds as adults in murder cases.

Technology Dependent Children - ensures that children depending on medical technology for their survival has access to better, more cost effective medical care.

Capital Gains Tax Reduction; Net Operating Loss Carry Forward; and Intellectual Property Rights Protection - all bills promoting jobs creation and investment in California.

The California Journal called Chuck "bright and charismatic" and credits him with a "penchant for hard work and a genuine concern for his district." Known for getting things done, he believes his actions speak for his leadership style and accomplishments.

In July 1991, Chuck voluntarily took a 10 percent pay cut to help reduce the need for cuts in state health programs and jobs, and he refused to accept an increase in members' per diem -- reductions that remain in place today. In 1992, he refused to accept his salary and per diem for July during the budget crisis -- once more demonstrating leadership and integrity in his effort to resolve the state's economic woes. He has never voted to increase his legislative salary.

Born at McChord Air Force Base, Chuck has lived around the world with his family. After graduating from the University of Notre Dame, he was commissioned into the U.S. Army where he served as a tank platoon leader and helicopter pilot, rising to the rank of Captain. As a member of the service, he received the United States Army Commendation Medal. Married 15 years, Chuck and Chris have a daughter, Carrey, and two sons, Chuck and Joseph.

A respected fiscal conservative and independent legislator, Chuck is Vice Chairman of the Revenue and Taxation Committee and a member of the Governmental Organization Committee.


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