A. Jaques: Platform Statement.

As Insurance Commissioner, I would work for a prompt resolution to the insurance problems of fraud (both sides). Stop the unwarranted rising of rates and costs. Work for an effective solution of the long delays in settlements. End rate increases to the "accident victims."

The American Independent Party stands for government of the people, by the people and for the people. We reaffirm the principle of individual rights upon which our nation was founded; that all people have, inherent in their being an inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of their own interests.

A primary function of the government is the safeguarding of these rights. History reveals however, that governments generally have failed in their obligations, becoming themselves the major violators of individual rights. Therefore, the American Independent Party is strongly committed to the principle that governments powers must be carefully divided and limited.

American Independent positions on the issues reflect the common sense thinking of the American people:

* Honest, representative Government!
* Tax, relief for all Americans!
* Preservation of traditional values and respect for life!
* Safe streets and neighborhoods!
* A halt to illegal immigration!
* An end to Foreign aid--Let's take care of America first!
* Trade policies that are fair for American industry and American workers!
* Protection of rights and benefits for veterans and senior citizens!
* Preservation of rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment!

For more information, contact A. Jacques, 1525 E. Portola, Santa Ana, CA 92701 or call (714) 547-4763.


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