A. JAQUES, Candidate for Insurance Commissioner

Since my retirement I've been active in politics and veteran issues. I'm a lifetime member of seven different veteran organizations and, have served on the governing boards. A veteran of two wars and a couple of skirmishes as a "professional marine." I find that can no longer ignore the politics as usual method. Therefore, as a lifelong rebel, I can and will do the job the way it should be done; take no prisoners, no excuses and no capitulation. Californians demand no less.

I have been a resident since 1950, and married for 27 years. My education is not grandiose although I earned a degree in the arts and another in criminal justice. I am a lifelong student of the Constitution and the law. My areas of expertise include criminology, subliminology and human behavior.

As Insurance Commissioner, I would work for a prompt resolution to the insurance problems of fraud (both sides). Stop the unwarranted rising of rates and costs. Work for an effective solution of the long delays in settlements. End rate increases to the "accident victims."

During my tour in Viet Nam I became painfully aware of our government faults and policies in time of war. After this rude awakening I investigated all the political parties and found only one that matched and answered my constitutional demands. Therefore, I have been an unwavering American Independent member since 1969, and have been actively representing the party (or issues the party advocates) in many Television appearances since 1972.

My principles are truth, integrity, honor and duty to God, country, citizenry and last but not least, "to thy self be true."

I seek not glory but justice

I seek not power but freedom

I seek not solitude but serenity


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