Ted Brown: Statement on the Issues

As a claims adjuster with 10 years insurance experience, I am the only candidate working daily with both insurance companies and policyholders. I strongly believe in the free market, where people make important decisions without government involvement. That's why I favor the complete deregulation of the insurance industry. There's no need for an Insurance Commissioner (especially an elected politician who uses the office to advance his career). I will work to repeal Proposition 103. Voters have no right to decide the prices charged by private companies, including auto insurers. Besides competition and deregulation, the surest way to lower rates is to crack down on insurance fraud. Californians are very concerned about health care. There is already too much government interference, not too little. The Clinton plan and California's "single payer" Proposition 186 violate our personal liberties, take away our health care choices and cost a fortune. The Libertarian alternative is "Project Healthy Choice," which includes Medical Savings Accounts (similar to IRA's); tax deductible health care costs; deregulation of the health care industry; replacement of the FDA with private sector drug certification; and privatization of Medicare and Medi-Cal. For a copy of this free-market plan and other information, call 1-800-637-1776.


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