--Plans to Siphon Republican Votes from Wilson and Discredit Him as the
Tax-and-Spend "George Bush of California's Republican Party"--

by Richard Rider

As the person responsible for more than eight billion dollars worth of tax cuts in California, I think now's the time for a dramatic reduction in state government. Thus I have decided to run for governor. I plan to "take out" Pete Wilson, one way or the other. More on my strategy shortly.

First let's target the problem. California is arguably the most pro tax, pro regulation, pro litigation, anti-business state in the nation. As a direct result, we are suffering from a deep, ongoing recession with no end in sight.

My goal is to dramatically reverse this downward spiral. We don't need to just trim our oppressive state government--we need to take a meat ax to it.

For years I have fought the growth of government. I write many of the ballot arguments against tax and spend initiatives. But what makes my candidacy unique is that I have cut taxes almost as much as Pete Wilson has raised them. I was the lead plaintiff in the ground-breaking Rider vs County of San Diego lawsuit which in 1992 invalidated a number of illegally passed tax increase measures throughout the state, saving California taxpayers over eight billion dollars.

I am anxious to hold the office of governor and wield the veto as it has never been used before. But I know that, as a Libertarian, the odds against winning are quite high. However, I have an alternate goal that is quite attainable.

What makes my effort different from other Libertarian races is that I'm not running to educate the public or gather Libertarian Party converts. I am running with the express purpose of draining off as many conservative Republican voters as possible from Pete Wilson, even if this tactic ensures the election of the Democratic candidate.

It's time the Republican Party stopped running stealth-Democrats for Governor. The Republicans should offer the public a clear alternative to the big-government advocate selected by the Democrats. The public is tired of the present choice of tweedledumb and tweedledumber.

A note about my background. I'm a stockbroker and financial planner. I'm also a retired Navy Reserve Supply Corps Commander and a Vietnam veteran. As a graduate of the University of North Carolina with a BA in Economics, I have spent my adult life working on financial matters. Cutting spending and taxes is second nature to me.

I am targeting Wilson for the following reasons:

1. The huge tax increase Wilson pushed through in 1991 (the largest in any state's history)
2. Wilson's 1993 support of the $2.3 billion shift of local property tax money to the state
3. Wilson's positions on the major 1993 propositions, where he, like Willie Brown and the other liberal Democrats--
a. Supported dramatically higher property taxes with Prop. 170
b. Supported the permanent half cent sales tax increase with Prop. 172
c. Opposed school choice offered by Prop. 174

I see no significant difference between Pete Wilson and the Democratic Party challengers. Wilson's support for the motorcycle helmet law, asset forfeiture laws and the ongoing campaign against gun ownership also anger me. But the issue that will drive my campaign is the tax-spend-regulate mentality of Wilson.

Wilson refuses to use his veto to hold down the spending. Crazy as it seems, in the middle of this recession he just signed off on a 10% across the board pay increase for state employees. I feel that such action borders on criminal behavior. He's the Typhoid Mary of the California economy.

Now as a Libertarian, obviously I'm no fan of the Democrat's pipe dream of a socialist utopia. Why would I want to see a Democrat elected?

Two reasons:

1. If a Democrat wins because I draw enough votes from Wilson, then the Republican hierarchy will have to reassess their assumption that they need only run a candidate slightly less liberal than the Democrat, and those advocating smaller government will still vote for the lesser evil. When pushing his record 1991 tax increase and confronted with Republican opposition in the legislature, Wilson said that "conservatives are f------ irrelevant." This crude, cavalier mentality must be rejected.

2. Oddly enough, taxes are more likely to rise with Wilson as governor than with a liberal Democrat at the helm. When Wilson calls for tax increases, he splits the minority Republican legislative vote, ensuring passage. With a Democrat as governor, the Republicans will likely pull together to fight against taxes. Remember how the Republican U.S. Congressmen voted as a block against the new "jobs" spending bill Clinton first proposed? And here's the kicker: Unlike the federal Congress where a simple majority can raise taxes, in California it takes a 2/3 vote to pass higher taxes. Republicans constitute more than one third of both the state assembly and senate. Thus with a Democrat (or a Libertarian) governor, we should not see further tax increases.

It's time to change the direction of status quo politics. A vote for me is a vote for a massive reduction in government involvement in our lives. For further information, call the Rider for Governor campaign toll-free at 1-800-RIDER-94. In San Diego call (619) 530-1777.


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