Gloria La Riva for Governor

If this is the richest state in the richest country, why are so many millions of people getting poorer every day? Why do six million people have no health care, three million have no job, and why is the state now spending more on prisons than on colleges?

These are real issues in this year's election campaign, and they are issues that neither Democrat Kathleen Brown nor Republican Governor Pete Wilson are addressing. Instead, both of these representatives of big business are running campaigns based on racism, immigrant-bashing and fear. Both Wilson and Brown are trying to divert people's attention from the big corporations and banks who own California and are responsible for the crisis we are in.

Gov. Wilson and the Democratic leaders of the state legislature recently cut a deal with Bank of America it's called the 1994-95 state budget. Assistance for the blind, disabled, elderly, women receiving welfare and their children will be cut. Taxes for the richest Californians will also be cut, while taxes for renters are raised. Many
social programs will be reduced and fees for college and university students will be increased by 10%. Meanwhile, the banks will get $500 million in interest and a $30 million "fee" just for agreeing to this deal! What could be more outrageous? What could be more undemocratic than this?

Enough is enough. It's time to speak the truth neither the Republicans nor Democrats serve the interests of anyone but the rich.

Gloria La Riva of Peace and Freedom Party, is the only candidate for governor who represents the interests of working people employed and unemployed. Her platform calls for raising taxes on the corporations and banks who have looted this state for far too long. Working and poor people pay way too much in taxes: sales tax, income tax, fees for public services, etc., while many of the biggest businesses pay no taxes at all.

The only way the rich and corporate owners, who are a tiny minority can maintain their control is by keeping working class people divided and fighting each other. The La Riva campaign calls for uniting African American, Latino, Asian and Pacific Islanders, Native American, Middle Eastern and white people, women and men, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered and straight, able-bodied and disabled, youth and seniors, to fight for what we need: Jobs, housing, healthcare, childcare,
education, cultural activities, not more prisons. The La Riva campaign says NO! to racism, sexism, homophobia and immigrant-bashing.

This is a people's campaign and we need your help. If you're tired of voting for which representative of the rich will oppress you for the next four years, get involved.

La Riva platform includes:


Tax big business to fund education and social services and to create a massive jobs program. We need to give youth a real future, with good schools and job training, not prison. The big corporations like PG&E, Pacific Bell, Bechtel, Bank of America, McDonalds, Chevron, McDonnell-Douglas, and agribusiness should pay much more in taxes, not less!


Vote No on the "Save Our State" initiative which would deny public education and medical treatment to undocumented immigrants. The racist right-wing argue that immigrants are to blame for the budget crisis and economic problems. Immigrant workers are the most exploited and abused, paid low wages while making big profits for the companies.


Support the Single-Payer Initiative (the California Health Security Act) as a first step toward providing quality healthcare for all. Until healthcare is for people, not for profit, we will never be able to solve the healthcare crisis.


Stop the horrific environmental destruction and toxic poisoning of the state, especially in communities of color that have been particularly hard hit. A massive effort should be launched to restore and protect the environment with funds from the corporate polluters. This alone could provide hundreds of thousands of new jobs.


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