With only four more days to the June election, Kathleen Brown
has been receiving endorsements from newspapers across the
state. Here are a few of the highlights:

San Francisco Chronicle

"In the often bitter 1994 campaign for governor, one candidate more than any other has appealed to people's hopes instead of their fears: Kathleen Brown ... Beyond the quality of her character, Brown's competence in performing the job of state treasurer, her political prowess as a consensus builder and the respect she has shown voters by addressing the state' s massive budget problems with honesty and clarity also are important factors in our support."

San Francisco Examiner

"Kathleen Brown has the spirit of a leader. She has the toughness and intellectual integrity to avoid budget flimflam and get this state back on the growth curve."

San Jose Mercury News

"Brown has the charisma to rally Californians to confront the state's problems, the financial acumen to grasp budget realities, and the social commitment to protect the poor, the schools and the environment ... She has the brains, talent, and compassion to be the most effective contender the Democrats have put forward for governor in years."

Los Angeles Daily News

"Brown is more in tune with the needs of the state ... She has demonstrated sympathy for improving the state's business climate in order to create jobs. She has taken
realistic stands on crime. And she is an effective and articulate politician."

Riverside Press-Enterprise

" ... Kathleen Brown has in mind how good California can be."


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