California State Democratic Convention
April 17, 1994

Thank you.

My fellow Democrats, let me tell you a story -- the story of California.

It is a story about opportunity. It's the story of a state that lured generation after generation with its gold, its agricultural riches, its entrepreneurial spirit, and its open

It is, in other words, a story about jobs.

Jobs that attracted my great-grandfather, August Schuckman to the hills of Colusa County. Jobs that attracted my other great-grandfather, Joseph Brown, to the City of San Francisco.

Jobs that kept my grandparents here despite earthquakes, setbacks and disappointment.

Jobs that were created generation after generation, by successive waves of industrial and technological development. Good high-wage jobs in aerospace and manufacturing, in trade and technology, in tourism and entertainment.

That's been California's promise.

And so the people came. People from Michigan and Minnesota, Mexico and Malaysia. People with skills. People with grit. And people with determination.

And those jobs created other promises. Promises of good schools and a world-class university system. Promises of nice neighborhoods and safe streets. Promises for a clean environment and a better quality of life.

Lose those jobs and California loses its promise. Lose the sense of expanding opportunity and we lose the California Dream.

And that, my friends, is what has happened to our state.

For many of our workers in this state, in this city, and even in this hall, the last 12 years of Republican rule under George "Do Nothing" Deukmejian and Pete "Pass-the-Buck" Wilson have been like a darkness slowly spreading itself across the land.

A darkness that has silenced factories, stolen jobs and swallowed dreams. A darkness that has lowered heads, raised fears and invaded the heart of California. A darkness that has made us doubt the promise that was California.

When Pete Wilson took office in 1990, he promised to be a builder. He said, "I want to be a builder like Pat Brown. "Well, I can tell you, "I know Pat Brown. Pat Brown is a friend of mine. Pete, you're no builder. And you're certainly no Pat Brown."

Every year that Pete Wilson has been in office the number of Californians without jobs has grown.

Every year that Pete Wilson has been in office more families have been unable to pay their mortgages.

Every year that Pete Wilson has been in office fewer students have entered California's public universities.

And every year that Pete Wilson has been in office has been a year in which he has found someone else to blame -- the federal government, the legislature, the immigrant, and the poor. He has even tried to blame our children! ! !

Pete Wilson's legacy is no legacy. He is a Governor without promise. He has proved again and again that not only is he no Pat Brown. He isn't even George Deukmejian! You know who Pete Wilson is? He's George Bush. Without the charisma.

Democrats, it is our obligation to restore California's promise. That is what a Kathleen Brown Administration will be all about.

Starting on Day One, I am going to restore the promise of California's education system. I am going to restore the promise of safer streets and neighborhoods. I am going to restore the promise of opportunity, security, community and a better quality of life for all our people.

If we are going to revive California's economy, if we are to revive California's promise, California must create one million new jobs over the next four years.

Not 250,000 jobs. Not 500,000 jobs. But one million jobs -- nearly twice as many as have been lost under Pete Wilson. One million jobs is just a minimum, the number economic forecasters say we need to move California's economy off dead center.

One million new jobs by 1998 will end California's recession. One million new jobs by 1998 will show that the sun is rising and not setting, on California.

Now let me ask you this Who do you trust to create the one million jobs California needs to revive our economy -- Pete Wilson, a failed governor who has presided over the loss of over 550,000 jobs, or Kathleen Brown?

We know Pete Wilson's record. But you and I, together, can succeed where he has failed.

I pledge to be the governor who joins with you and millions more across this once and future great state to revitalize America's worst economy.

As Treasurer, I have been a builder, selling the bonds you, the voters, approved, to build classrooms, hospitals, transportation and water systems -- and I did it at the
lowest interest rates in decades.

As Treasurer, I have been an investor, earning a record $4 billion for taxpayers by getting the best deal -- earning more than any Treasurer ever.

As Treasurer, I have been an innovator, providing capital to help small businesses clean up our environment.

And as Treasurer, I have been a fighter, standing up against excessive executive pay and corporate irresponsibility.

A builder. An investor. An innovator. And a fighter. A Treasurer who puts the people of California first That's the kind of Governor California needs.

On Day One of my administration, I am going to propose a New Jobs Tax Credit that will help create 200,000 lasting, middle-class job.

On Day One, I will move to establish California ''first'' preferences in awarding state contracts, so that California companies-- and California workers-- get the break they deserve.

On Day One, I am going to launch a world-class, work force development program to train Californians for the jobs of the 21st Century.

On Day One, I will initiate my Partnerships for the Future program. A Golden State Growth fund will offer new loans and capital to businesses of all sizes, including minority and women-owned businesses, defense conversion start-ups, and firms to clean up the environment here and around the globe. And a one billion dollar Rebuild California Fund, financed by bonds to be approved by the people, will help cities and counties build roads, bridges, water systems -- the foundations of our prosperity.

One million new jobs.

Over the last few months, some opponents say they don't know what Kathleen Brown stands for. Today I'll tell you exactly what I stand for. I stand for progress and for prosperity. For enduring values and a new vision. I stand for one million new jobs. And I stand for building for the new century.

If you believe that one million new jobs are important, then join me.

Democrats, join with me. Because together in this campaign for Governor and beyond, we are going to make history.

We are going to put Californians back to work. We are going to restore the California promise. We are going to reinvent the California dream.

Thank you.


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